Business Integrity


The Company places great emphasis on Business Integrity (“BI”) in all aspects of its operations.


The Company, including its subsidiaries are prohibited from doing business with companies or individuals involved in illegal or unethical practices such as money laundering, terrorist financing, drug dealing, weapons dealing, prostitution, or other criminal behaviour.


The Company’s BI policy seeks to ensure compliance with a broad range of ethical considerations and applicable laws including:

  1. Anti Money Laundering (“AML”) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) – MIL’s operations are designed to ensure full compliance with the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) recommendations
  2. Corporate Governance - as a listed company on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) MIL has a designated Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee, comprised of its three independent non-executive directors, to ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance are upheld;
  3. Sanctions – we rigorously screen any potential business partners;
  4. Anti-bribery/ Anti-Corruption – as a UK listed company we adhere to the UK’s Anti Bribery Act;
  5. Whistleblowing;
  6. Confidentiality;
  7. Insider Trading;
  8. Share dealing; and
  9. Social and environmental considerations.


All MIL’s staff receive semiannual training on our BI policies and practices.



Corporate Social Responsibility


The Company seeks to positively contribute to the re-emergence of Myanmar. 

We achieve this by implementing a sustainable investment programme which carefully considers the impact, both positive and negative, of the investments we make. 


All investments are evaluated from an economic, social and environmental perspective. We aim to positively impact both:

  • the entrepreneurs and companies which partner with us; and
  • the country and local communities by the projects that we undertake. 


​At the corporate level we support worthwhile causes that contribute to the educational and environmental development of the country or support humanitarian relief efforts, while at the portfolio company level we strongly encourage our partners to identify and adopt practices that will help to develop the workforce and their local communities.





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