We are looking to invest in businesses that are either operated exclusively in, or which have a material exposure to doing business in or with, Myanmar.

We seek partnerships with:

  • Proven Myanmar entrepreneurs in need of expansion capital and open to our corporate governance requirements; or
  • Foreign corporates looking for a strong local anchor to help them succeed in Myanmar.

Myanmar entrepreneurs:

We should be delighted to discuss your funding requirements and together explore potential partnership arrangements. We are looking for businesses that have strong growth prospects driven either from domestic demand or export opportunities, including tourism.
We are long term investors and our management has significant experience in helping companies build their businesses.

International companies:

We are interested in exploring strategic partnerships with international companies looking to access this dynamic, large yet complex market, where we can put our local presence, network and market knowledge to work. Our management team brings substantial experience of working in the international arena, especially in emerging Asia.

All prospective partners:

As we are a publicly listed holding company, we can be a long term investor and/or operational partner to drive growth and help build your business.