Since our establishment in 2013 we have built up an enviable network of contacts within Myanmar to complement our existing relationships across the region.

We are open to investing in most sectors of the economy. However, to meet our demanding criteria, certain sectors have proven to be more attractive than others and these are the ones that we focus on.

For example, businesses that cater to the growing domestic consumer demand are of great interest and these could be in retail, education, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services or entertainment, to name just a few.

These are fast-growing sectors in Myanmar, often with a limited number of mainly small competitors. We have witnessed elsewhere in Asia the significant growth in such businesses. In some cases, the business lines may not yet exist in Myanmar, so we will start new businesses to fill these vacuums, building the brands of tomorrow in otherwise empty spaces.

In others, the supply side may be fragmented and of variable quality. When these are combined with the predicted growth of the MAC and the expected growth in their disposable income it produces a very attractive business case.

Similarly, we believe that the tourism sector will produce attractive business opportunities. At present, Myanmar attracts relatively few tourists when compared to its Asian neighbours. Given the range of attractions and experiences that Myanmar can provide, we are confident that this is again a sector where demand will drive exceptional growth. This is also an important foreign exchange earner for the country and will benefit from strong government support, in some ways mirroring Thailand where tourism contributes 18% of GDP.

Another key sector that we focus on is the business to business (“B2B”) sector. This may often be an indirect upstream play on the consumer sector. With poor logistics, distribution, services and manufacturing in Myanmar there are many businesses that can benefit from the adoption of more efficient business models similar to those which have already been embraced in neighbouring countries.

One of the features of all these business opportunities is that many of them only require a modest initial investment that can then be scaled up as the business develops.