The Company targets businesses with significant growth potential across a broad range of industries.

Our approach is entrepreneurial – proactive engagement in all essential aspects of the business. We are not a private equity fund, though we do deploy a number of private equity appraisal techniques.

  • Stay focused on the business development process and proactively manage risk minimisation/reward maximisation to produce superior long term returns
    • Identify sectors with strong growth
    • Identify credible senior and line-management
    • De-risk the investment where necessary through bringing in new managers, mentors, strategic partners, etc.
  • Permanent capital allows us to optimise returns by making both long and short term investments
  • Target returns of 30%+ / 3x capital, pre-leverage:
    • Capital gains; dividends and fee generation
    • Maximise returns by exiting at the right time
    • Focus on value creation and monetisation
  • Generate revenue from fee earning activities
  • Majority or minority (with commensurate negative control provisions) equity investments
  • A clear path to positive cash flows and sustainable margins
  • Working capital efficient and/or receptive to leverage
  • Capable of becoming a top three player with strong franchise value in its sector, so we back:
    • Proven entrepreneurs in need of expansion capital and open to our corporate governance requirements
    • Foreign corporates looking for a strong local anchor to help them succeed in Myanmar

In essence our strategy is to build net asset value per share as well as to generate dividends when it becomes commercially appropriate. Over time this will allow us to generate an attractive total return to our Shareholders.

The challenge is not in finding the deals – opportunities abound – but in selecting the right partners and maintaining rigorous discipline throughout the business evaluation process.

We intend to raise additional capital as and when required.